Food for Thought: How You Approach Food, Part 1

Hopefully by now you realize that this blog is about more than just food. Life is about more than food only, but food is the foundation of a good and happy life.  Food is also the foundation of healing. But the burden of happiness and health cannot rest on the shoulders of diet alone. In fact, it shouldn’t be a burden at all. Food should empower you, heal you, lift you up and open the sky to let happiness & blessings rain down.

Dietary changes are also the foundation of happiness. I want everyone to know that, whether they think they need to heal or not. I suspect we all have some weight, especially emotional or psychological, we are carrying that we should get rid of – even if we don’t want to admit it. I’m lucky enough to have a label for some of the things that aren’t working in my body, but I feel like many people have certain conditions – especially sugar or caffeine addiction, adrenal fatigue, and even thyroid disorders – and they don’t suspect a thing. Or they DO suspect it and don’t want to admit it. I know, because self-confession is one of the scariest things in the world. Especially regarding mental and psychological health – how you view your body, your self-worth, whether you trust yourself and love yourself or practice a lot of negative, self-harming behaviors. Up until a few months ago, I had no idea that the inner dialogue I had with myself wasn’t normal or healthy. I just thought I had poor “genes” and even poorer willpower. But I was unhappy, and that felt profoundly wrong. I started reducing my dependence on sugar and refined carbohydrates long before I knew I was physically ill, because they made me feel so bad, so unhappy, and so unlike the person I wanted to be.

Even though I’ve been eating healthier foods and tweaking my optimal diet for many years, I still had and have a lot of unhealthy habits because of lingering mental and emotional patterns. I was changing my food but shoving it into the same destructive behavioral problems. Your brain conditions itself to react to stressors in the same way every time, because it is neurologically easier to operate that way.  It’s a shortcut, but it’s a damn hard one to break down and rebuild into a healthy habit.

In the past, food had become the source of all my unhappiness because of my emotional dependence on sugar and refined carbs, my subsequent addiction to those things and weight gain, and my internal mental battle over dieting and will power and control. Bad food was the source of all my unhappiness, so I thought the opposite, good food should be the source of all my happiness. That idea – focusing on food and diet alone – turned into one of the biggest stressors in my life over the last year. I put all my healing chips on food, and while it isn’t a bad bet, it isn’t the optimal one for holistic health. Remember, it isn’t just about physical health, but psychological health too. Focusing solely on food was a way for me to avoid emotional healing.

More on that next week. Take care!