Seriously, have more fun!

I almost didn’t post on Sunday. Not because I didn’t think what I had was worthwhile, but because I just wanted to stop being so SERIOUS all the time. I mentioned that I stressed so much about the state of my health that it became the number one stressor in my life. Eesh.


I’ve been listening to tons of podcasts and studying nutrition and body processes. And I find it fascinating. Not because I’m in the Google Spiral of Death regarding my symptoms and conditions, but because I truly enjoy it. It’s become a healthy way for me to channel my energy into healing. I enjoy studying (seriously, I was riding my bike home from school and I was so excited to LEARN once I got home that I wanted to shout it out loud. No wonder my students think I am nuts) about how the body works, as a whole, and now I can view different setbacks with a sense of learning and inquiry rather than frustration.

Same goes for PCOS. I’ve decided it’s hilarious. Well, not really, but I’ve been reminded of how awesome humor is the past few days. I love Brene Brown’s TEDTalk on vulnerability, not in the least because it is one of the most hopeful and transforming 21 minutes I’ve ever seen. But it’s downright funny. The way she talks about what could have been the worst memory of her life, a breakdown (oh, excuse me, “spiritual awakening”), is humorous, powerful and touching. It’s not heavy, and sometimes I worry that my writing gets that way, especially the Sunday series. I’ve been told that I have a “serious” or “mature” personality, which is great in some ways, but not so great all the time!

I often talk about how I like to celebrate life, however, and I feel like that doesn’t balance enough with the other topics I write about. But writing about celebrating life is not the same as providing examples. So I’m working on some ways to show you (RELAUNCH is next week!!!) rather than blather on about it so seriously all the time. I’m encouraged that many of you find it helpful, and I appreciate you commenting and telling me so. And I do write directly from my heart. But my heart needs a little humor sometimes too.

I was washing dishes yesterday and I decided that PCOS was funny, and I was going to regard it with humor rather than dreading the insane hormone swings and terrible sleep patterns every month. I’ve got my goofy side, so why shouldn’t my body be a goofball sometimes? It’s not good or bad, it’s just the way it is. I’m not judging my hormones any more. I’m gonna make them the butt of my jokes! If they dish it out, they can handle it.

How am I going to inject humor into my life? I’m not exactly sure. I spent a lot of time with friends this past weekend, and we had a rockin’ good time being ridiculous. Have you ever played frisbee charades? Instead of just throwing a frisbee around, you pick a theme in which to throw and catch: Lord of the Rings, the Godfather, Olympic sports, ballet, trolls, traditional Japanese mannerism, yoga poses, and Roman statues were all categories. It was fun. It was hilarious. We need to make up more games like we did when we were kids.

And so I will continue to blunder along, forgiving and laughing along the way. I like to sing Disney songs, shake my booty to random world music stations in my kitchen, and use embarrassing phrases like “shake my booty”. My dad has a Spongebob pin, probably inspired by my youngest brother, that says “shake it like you mean it”. I’m definitely going to do more of that, in everything. What do you like to do to have fun?

By the way, after we tackle having fun, I want your advice on relaxing. I get kind of stressed about finding ways to relax, so lately I just keep working all hours and sleeping less. No fun! Team fun & relaxation: Break!

(oh yeah, I tried to hike a frisbee like an American football. It was really amusing for the Japanese kids hanging in the park and watching us. They later joined in)