Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger II

I need to work on title succinctness.

Anyway, I’m pleased to share my second contribution to the Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger group. September is being hosted by Alta of Tasty Eats at Home, and I’ll be hosting for October! Watch for more updates soon.

I discovered Danielle from Against All Grain after she did a mouthwatering guest post on George’s Civilized Caveman site, whom I adopted for my inaugural participation in this event last month. Anyway, Danielle’s grain-free waffles benedict was stunningly delicious-looking and a definite recipe to make and present to my dad for Father’s Day. I’m totally enamored by all her Thai food recipes, Tomatoless Meat Sauce, paleo entertaining ideas, creative appetizers, and childhood treats made grain-free. She even has a grain-free lasagna recipe. Lasagna! My friend and I made the “peanut” butter chocolate chip cookies, and our only complaint was that it didn’t make enough! Next time I have someone around to spoil, I’m going to test out her recipe for Real Deal Chocolate Chip cookies.

Ok, now that you’ve all suffered through my teenage girl-esque gushing, which is totally warranted by how amazing all these recipes are, I’ll tell you about some actual food I made. Lately things have been hectic, with less prep time for meals & dark nights and late dinners resulting in no food photography. But on Sunday I made a bunch of food to catch up and prepare for another full week, and I was delighted with the Basil Vinaigrette that Danielle paired with her Cobb Salad. I’ve been putting the vinaigrette on EVERYTHING. I thought I’d give some meal ideas, sans pictures, but as a kickstarter for some of us to share our tips for how to get ahead during busy times & still nourish ourselves properly. Some fast, healthy meals I’ve been making include:

– pan-seared salmon with okra & cabbage salad with basil vinaigrette

– loaded salad with coconut-glazed mushrooms, raw okra, smoked salmon, homemade pickles, & basil vinaigrette

– sauteed chicken livers with cucumber, lemon, and, you guessed it, basil vinaigrette!

I also had my own take on Danielle’s Cobb Salad, since I haven’t yet found sustainably-sourced bacon, pastured eggs, and I didn’t put the honey in the vinaigrette but added more basil. This made a thicker dressing “concentrate” that I can keep in the fridge without the olive oil turning into a big chunky block. When I want some vinaigrette, I just take a large spoon of concentrate and add in fresh olive oil to my taste. SO DELICIOUS! Like I said, I put it on everything, and I’ve found it especially useful to make liver palatable. Organ meats take practice people. Practice & prosciutto, haha. Oh geez. I’m really turning paleo, because I’ve started referencing bacon products.

If you can get good bacon & eggs, by all means use them in this delectable, filling salad. I swapped in scallops, smoked salmon, coconut-glazed mushrooms, and olives instead of bacon, eggs, & artichoke hearts. Customize to your delight! Check out all of Danielle’s amazing recipes at Against All Grain, and please please share some of your tips for quick healthy eating or weekly prep. I think we all could use a boost of energy & mealtime creativity during these busy times. Thanks Danielle! Thanks for hosting Alta. And thanks for the inspiration you guys.