Green Tip #15: 3 Second Shower Cleaner

While it might not take you three seconds to clean your entire shower, especially if you are as frenetic about it as I am, it will take you three seconds to grab the ingredients needed for an easy scrub. Ready? Lemon, salt, baking soda. Done. I had a lemon sitting in my fridge that was getting a little wrinkled and old, so I cut it in half, sprinkled it with salt, and went to work on a peculiar rust-like stain. I sprinkled the entire bottom of the shower with a light layer of baking soda, and then I salted the other half of the lemon and scrubbed away. Easy, non-toxic, and cheap. Crank some tunes & get your cleaning on.

I forgot to mention my snack in my post on Primal Traveling ~ mostly because now that I eat more satiating meals I’m not the crazy snack monster I used to be. After a very large breakfast, I wasn’t too hungry for lunch while I was walking around “International Street” and checking out the market. Since I wasn’t in the mood for an entire pig head, a signature of that Okinawan market, I opted for some prosciutto. I had one cucumber left from my grocery run, so I simply wrapped the salty ham around the crunchy sweetness and chowed down. I felt very chic and trendy, but really I was just hot & sweaty.

When life hands you prosciutto? Grab a cuke and eat it.

When life hands you wrinkly old man lemons? Clean your shower.

When life hands you REDUCED FAT COCONUT?@&#&%@^WHAT?!!! more on that next Tuesday…