Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger: October Sign Up!

Alright folks, let’s get ready to rumble. It’s my privilege to host this month’s Adopt a Gluten Free blogger series, and I want to end on a high note for Sea over at the Book of Yum. She’s actually in Japan right now, so I think it is kind of fitting that her brainchild follows in her footsteps to Japan before returning back to America next month.

How do you participate?

Here’s how: (if you aren’t a blogger but want to join in, you can! Read the info at the bottom of the post).

1) Pick a gluten-free blogger whose recipes you admire and adopt them by commenting on this post with your name, blog name and their name and blog name.

*Blogger’s recipes must all be gluten-free or have a way to sort and read ONLY gluten-free recipes

*Please pick a different blogger every time you participate

*Please pick a blogger that has not been adopted yet this month!


2) Pick one (or more!) of your gluten-free blogger’s recipes to try.


3) Make the recipe, photograph it and write a post in your blog introducing the blogger and their recipe.

*Follow the recipe as written, as closely as possible. And please don’t print their recipe on your post- just provide your readers a link to their original recipe.

*Provide a link to this event announcement page

4) Email me at: kate (at) eatrecyclerepeat (dot) com with a photo of your recipe, the URL of your post, name of the recipe and the URL of the original blogger’s recipe post.  PLEASE SIZE PHOTO TO BE A MAXIMUM OF 500 PIXELS WIDE. (Pretty please)

5) Add YOUR POST’S URL in a comment to this post, and if possible try to visit two other blogger’s posts that are posted here (and comment!).

*The goal is to make this event interactive and fun!


Sign up BEFORE October 28th (loose deadline; late sign-ups are OK)

Post your review and e-mail me by November 5th (firm deadline, no foolin’)

Now, this is a cool option if you don’t have a blog.  You can still sign up to adopt a blogger, then snap a photo of the dish you’ve made and email me your name, the recipe’s URL and title, and the photo.

I’ll get the ball rollin’ by adopting Jenni of the Urban Poser.  Now it’s your turn!

Adoption Sign-Up Sheet:

1) Jenni of the Urban Poser (adopted by yours truly) I’ve already made her stunning Pumpkin Spice Coconut Macaroons, and I plan to make several more batches! They are egg, nut, & grain-free, and they’ve been a huge hit with everybody.

2) Alyssa of Queen  of Quinoa, adopted by Alta of Tasty Eats at Home

3) Gaps Diet Journey, adopted by Shannon of Enjoying Gluten-Free Life

4) Jonathan of the Canary Files, adopted by Debi Ann of Hunter’s Lyonesse

5) Mia’s Domain, adopted by Amee of Amee’s Savory Dish

6) Beth of Tasty Yummies, adopted by Shirley of Gluten-Free Easily

7) Carlalyn from Gluten-Free Happy Tummy, adopted by Diane of the WHOLE Gang

8) Ali Segersten of The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen, adopted by Jean Layton of Gluten Free Doctor

9) You or your friend! Please spread the word!!!


***Thank you to Alta of Tasty Eats At Home for hosting August AND September, and for showing me the hosting ropes!