When Life Gives You Reduced Fat Coconut…

When life hands you reduced-fat coconut,  first allow yourself a moment of what the WHAT?! Just like low-fat dairy, bake sales for diabetes (true story, my brother witnessed one), and bagel heads, [warning: there are pictures of people post-surgery, not pictures of bagels!] it’s ok to take a moment and express utter perplexion at WHY anyone would mess with nature, why they would take such a perfect food like coconut and remove it’s most awesome nutritional property – healthy, essential saturated fat – in order to make it taste like…cardboard.

So life hands you perplexing and less than ideal circumstances. What do you? Add fat or sauce. Well, that works for cooking, anyway. While I live for joy, not every minute of life can be perfect. That’s why I try and make the best of each moment. Even if I’m tired, frustrated, bored, upset, what have you – I always try to step outside my immediate thoughts and find a way to make the situation have the best outcome I can.

Luckily, life also hands us serendipitous circumstances. I accidentally ordered some reduced-fat coconut from iHerb. I was trying to stock up on regular coconut flakes, but I ended up with THREE bags of this insanity. Eaten alone, this shredded ridiculousness tastes like cardboard. But soon after I discovered my corrugated mistake, the Paleo Parents posted a delicious looking recipe for  Curry fried fish, featuring coconut shreds! I baked mine in the oven, since I don’t have trustworthy eggs or a quality fryer. I used coconut milk instead of eggs to make the breading stick, but when I tried to pan-fry that combination, it kind of fell apart in the pan. So I went with the baked version. Also, the last time I ate deep-fried foods, maybe a year or so ago, I didn’t feel so well, even though it was from a dedicated gluten-free fryer. However, that was at a restaurant, so I’m guessing the oil they used was rancid, toxic vegetable oil, not the quality coconut oil the PP suggest using.

About two weeks later, Jenni of the Urban Poser posted the most amazing recipe for Pumpkin Spice Coconut Macaroons. This is one of those recipes that you see on your lunch break and immediately decide to drop all your evening plans to bake. Luckily I had just enough pumpkin left to make some puree. And these cookies are egg and nut-free, bypassing all together my current lack of pastured-egg conundrum! This recipe also uses 2 cups of shredded coconut, and I added some extra coconut oil instead of the sweetener to make up for my sad, fat-starved coconut.

So when life, or rather your own mistake, hands you something less than ideal – don’t beat yourself up. If there isn’t an immediate solution, don’t worry about it. One will come to you. Whenever I’m freaking out, not necessarily about the state of my coconut, I always remind myself that there is a silent and graceful solution to everything. Sometimes we just have to be quiet and listen. (Or check some of the most awesome food blogs ever.)


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