Green Tip #16: Picture Food Waste

I’ve mentioned how I absolutely can not stand food waste, and linked to some excellent resources to help you avoid it. But perhaps all the articles and common sense won’t have as much impact as this. I’m starting a new experiment. I will photograph all the food that I waste each month, tally how much money I threw directly into the trash, and post ideas for how to avoid food waste. Here is a simple one: I was going away last weekend and didn’t have time to cook some fish that I bought. So I put it in the freezer. It took three seconds, and then when I came home late Sunday night to a bare fridge, I actually had something real to eat rather than convenience food.

So next week you shall see my October food waste failure. If you try it as well, you might find you are much more motivated to use up food rather than throw it in the trash, because you are quite literally throwing money away. Especially when you buy good quality food!