October Food Waste

Ok, as promised last week, here is what I have wasted in October:

I’m sorry, lotus root.

I count the herbs because, even though I didn’t buy them, I didn’t take care of them for quite some time and neglect = waste in my world.

Last week’s tip to avoid food waste? FREEZE IT.

This weeks tip? If you don’t know what to do with random greens, throw them in soups or stews. I just made Danielle from Against All Grain’s Thai Curry recipe. I had some turnip greens laying around, so I chopped them up and used them in place of the spinach! What do you like to do with beet greens, turnip greens, radish greens, etc?

Picture Food Waste is a project I am starting to run each month. I’ll photograph and tally the food and amount of money I’ve wasted in an effort to get my food waste down to zero. I’ll also post simple and innovative ways to save food from the trash bin and also save money too! I’d love to hear what tips you have to save food, so please share with us.  

Thai Style Coconut Curry from Against All Grain