Yaki Imo Podcast Debut + Sweet Potato Nutella & a GIVEAWAY!

I know, I know. There are a lot of things going on in that title. But there are a lot of things going on, and I just can’t contain the excitement!

First, I recorded a podcast all about the best food in the world, sweet potatoes, with my friends Rachael & Allison of the Miso Hungry podcast. We cover everything from the misuse of the word “yam” to why sweet potatoes make you run faster. I first met the creators of La Fuji MamaSushi Day, and now Fridgg back in June when they came to Japan – you can listen to them talk about our first meeting in this podcast episode.

After I recorded the podcast, the following weekend my friend called me up to go sweet potato harvesting! It was much easier than rice harvesting, but I did get a little dirtier with the sweet potatoes. Once you cut the leaves (which by the way you can eat?! A Korean woman stopped by and picked them for kimchi) and turn up the dirt, it is pretty easy to pull the sweet potatoes out of the ground. For some reason, I thought of the mandrakes from Harry Potter. After that, it’s two washes and then three days of drying in the sun to enhance the flavor. Usually I eat the sweet potato skins, but I think I’ll be peeling the ones I harvested.

Since we are talking about all things sweet potatoes, one of the readers of this blog came up with a genius idea – Sweet Potato Nutella. Tim added honey to my Sweet Potato Truffles and said this:

I used about a tablespoon of honey instead of the stevia[…]but what I found it came out GREAT for is as a spread! Just like Nutella but sooo much better for me!

Umm WHAT. Sweet potato nutella?! Best idea ever. I’m going to have to start “investigating” this possibility…

And finally, the giveaway! I wish I could send you some of the sweet potatoes I harvested, but instead, if you win, you’ll be receiving a whole foods package of wonderfulness direct from Japan! And I will include some hoshi imo – dried sweet potato that tastes just like candy. The rest will be a surprise!

All you have to do is become my friend on Twitter, because naturally you are awesome and I want to talk to you and/or follow me on Pinterest. For real friends, Pinterest will make your life so much better. I used to have a long and confusing bookmark list for recipes, sustainable living tips, and other sources of inspiration, but now I can keep things neat & organized. Do either of those things and then come back and leave a comment. Giveaway will be open until November 12th.

So what is your favorite way to eat a sweet potato? I’m going to have to get crackin’ on those stuffed sweet potato skins that I talked about in the podcast…Happy Monday friends!