How to Bake Apples

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At the end of the day, simple food tastes best. These baked apples convey the essence of fall, the warmth of a family hearth, and they take about 3 seconds to put together.

First, wash and clean your apples:

Second, cut out the stems from the apple:

Third, hollow out the core of your apple:

Fourth, place the number of apples you want in your pan.

Fifth, add enough water to have a half an inch of the pan filled.


Sixth, bake at 375 degrees for 45 minutes, or until the apples are soft:

Filling ideas:

Cinnamon is always a must. I love it so I allow 1/2 T per apple

Chopped nuts. Walnuts or almonds are my favorite. About 1 teaspoon per apple.

Dried fruit: the apples above have dried cherries. I’m going to try dried cranberries and walnuts yet.

Dash of nutmeg. Makes all the difference!

Happy Fall everyone!

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