All Gluten-Free Desserts & Favorite Recipes!

My dear friend Shirley has just launched a fabulous new site: All Gluten Free Desserts! Shirley is an amazing lynchpin in the gluten-free/allergy-friendly/paleo/food blogger community. She loves bringing people together (virtually and in person) and she loves sharing others recipes in order to help us all have wonderful food memories. I send many friends who are newly gluten-free over to her site, and with All Gluten Free Desserts we have a go-to resource to find gluten-free desserts.  She is a bottomless well of kindness and completely selfless when it comes to helping others, especially in the blogging world. Shirley’s site  features recipes from all sorts of bloggers, including a few of my recipes in the future.

 In that spirit, I put together a few of my all-time favorite recipes, many of which I make weekly. Thanks for the inspiration, encouragement, and friendship Shirley! You are truly a wonderful part of my life.
Braised & Roasted Cabbage – incredibly simple & incredibly satisfying.
Roasted Vegetable Salad – roasting vegetables is the BEST way to eat them. Their caramelized sweetness is like angels singing from heaven. I’m not joking.
Stuffed Kabocha Squash – hearty, satisfying, and a great example of dinner for breakfast

Dinner AND Breakfast

Sweet Potato Puddin’ Spread – I swear the day I made this it was a miracle, or at least a sweet potato epiphany.
Fudgy Sweet Potato Truffles – too amazing for words
Coconut Crockpot Chicken – I love Crockpots. I love chicken. I love coconut. I love easy recipes. I love repeating myself ad nauseum.
Crockpot Bison Stew – the reason there is no full-photo of this is because it was GOBBLED. By me, by my family, and by the gents at Healthy Dudes Score More.
finally, in honor of Shirley’s new site featuring desserts (apparently I regard sweet potatoes above as their own separate category), a few favorites:
Blueberry Pudding Cake – knocks it out of the park

Blueberry Pudding Cake – the secret is in the coconut butter!

Uncool Fudge – the most delicious mistake I’ve ever made
Chocolate Coconut Pudding – will kick Snak packs’ keister any day.

4. Dive In