Picture Food Waste: November 2012

Picture Food Waste is my monthly initiative to bring my food waste down to zero. I keep myself accountable and aware of my food waste by photographing whatever I have wasted for the month and tallying the loss in terms of dollars and sense. I’ll also post simple and innovative ways to save food from the trash bin and also save money too.

Allow me to make a few quick announcements. When I first started blogging, I read that you should choose what days to blog and stick with it. I believe in consistency and I will stick to my format of posting Green Tip Tuesdays, Recipe Fridays, and Food for Thought Sundays. But sometimes other priorities have to take precedence over blogging – health, sanity, loved ones – or you get in a fight with YouTube and they don’t want to post your carefully edited video. More likely YouTube doesn’t know you’re in a fight, but there is a technological battle of some kind. I feel kind of guilty when I don’t post when I say I will, but I’m also not so vain as to think that you’re all hanging on my every word and post. Know that if I don’t post, you all are never far for my thoughts, and the reason I’m not posting is because of health issues, I’ve broken technology again, or sometimes the celebrate life list. Apologies are not attractive and don’t do you guys any good. Also, I believe in owning the way I live my life,  but I just wanted to explain and clear it out of the way so I would stop fretting about it. In conclusion, I know I’m going to be busy with a volunteer project this weekend, and hopefully YouTube and I will have made up by Friday. SO, I’m going to post a new recipe on Sunday and switch Food for Thought to Friday this week? Ok? You know; I know; I can stay consistent and enjoy life; WIN.

Back to food waste! I was so excited because I thought I wouldn’t have ANY waste for November. But when I was cleaning out my fridge, the most amazing practice in decluttering and creating good energy, I discovered some sad little salad hijiki greens that didn’t make it into my soup. What is salad hijiki you ask? I can’t help you. Ask Professor Google. But it was a great addition to my soup earlier in the month, and the only reason I didn’t use it was because it was lost in the clutter of a messy fridge. Dollar total? About $2. That $2 could have bought me a yaki imo. Boo.

October’s Tip for Reducing Food Waste: Freeze herbs and throw random greens into soups, stews, and curries. 

November’s Tip for Reducing Food Waste: Keep a clean and organized fridge!!! If you know what you have and you can SEE it, it’s much less likely to go to waste. Having things like produce prepped and ready to go means you’re much more likely to use them!