No Spend Month: February 2013

Inspired by the Paleo Parents, I am doing my own no-spend month in February. I want to concentrate on buying only what I need, using what I have in my fridge, thinking of other people’s needs before my own desires, and re-prioritizing. You can read all about the no-spend guidelines here. A few points that really resonated from the PP:
*we have too much stuff – none of which we seem to truly appreciate appropriately
*so much of our senseless spending is disposable spending as well
Would you do a no-spend month? A no-spend day? What would you do with the money you saved?
Restricting myself of course makes me want to do that verboten thing even more, such as no-spend month or not eating nuts or not drinking wine, etc. So I like to have something positive to focus on. To improve my quality of life without monetary value, here are a few ideas I will focus on this month:
– spending at least once a week with friends
– finding new ways to exercise, namely Crossfit and ballroom dancing
– doing a clothes swap with friends or trying to find ways to repurpose old things
~ and I am recommitting to reducing my food waste and posting it on the blog to remain accountable!
Happy Tuesday, friends.