Batch Cooking & Weekly Inspiration

Lemons. Prosciutto. Sweet potato skins. Chocolate-covered coconut oranges. These things are rockin’ my world right now.

They soon will be rocking yours.

I feel so much butter at life when I can perfectly toast coconut.

I feel so much butter at life when I can perfectly toast coconut.

In the mean time, my friend came over today and we had a great time batch cooking. Taking a page out of my homie the Primalist’s weekly food prep, here is what we made & shared together. Not only was it great to have someone to share the work, share conversation, and share dish duty, but I got to chat a lot with my friend about food preparation, how to eat more vegetables, and other ideas she was struggling with in the kitchen.

Here is the low-down:

This morning I started a batch of bone broth. Left to it’s own devices on the stove all day, it’s been simmering for 12 hours and all I have to do is click the gas off! Step 1: done.

Next, my friend and I made a double batch of the Urban Poser’s Cream of Mushroom soup. We didn’t add any meat, which we will cook & add throughout the week. We each took a portion home, and I’ll be freezing half of mine for a busy period later this month.

Then, she and I experimented with a new recipe: chocolate covered coconut orange slices. Working on a name, and recipe coming soon. I’ll be taking these to a pot luck tomorrow for final taste testing.

Orange du Michele

Then, THEN oh I made dinner! And oh lord, it was world rocking. Stuffed. Sweet potato. Skins. Two variations also coming soon. AND you only need 5 ingredients. Booyah! Bonus, the filling also works really well with happy cabbage.


And now, now my kitchen is CLEAN, amazingly, and I even scrubbed my floors today. That never happens. See what magic batch cooking can bring?!

Maybe Saturday was so magical because I had such great inspiration this week:

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