30 Day Dance Challenge

You may have surmised this from the excessive linkage and constant references, but in addition to loving him I also adore my brother. I’m always motivated to do better when I see what he has been up to on Feeling Terrific or Healthy Dudes Score More. Often the Healthy Dudes complete 30 day challenges, not only for their clients but also for themselves. These are not limited to just eating goals, but also public speaking, foundational exercise, yoga, and even making videos. I am absolutely loving the 2 minute gems Joe has been making the past few weeks.


March this year seems to be a month of change….and unexpected change at that. I feel much more at ease for embracing change when I am prepared for it. I would have made an excellent Boy Scout, and I always wanted to be one because they had WAY better summer camps. Who doesn’t want to know how to tie crazy knots or get some pocket knife skills?


Crazy knots and pocket knives won’t help in my situation, since I can’t control the future, so the fear-based part of my brain likes to resort to it’s two favorite past times: excessive worry and emotional eating. I’ve been able to build up a more positive source of energy with a mindful eating practice to “crowd out” emotional eating, but I still find myself lying awake at night worrying more than I’d like. And even though I can intellectually recognize that worrying is a waste of energy and time, and take action with meditation, sometimes all the thoughts swirling around in my head are just too much, and I want to call a time out.


But how do you call time out in your own brain?




The dual inspiration of Joe’s 30 Day Challenge and a re-read of this Self-Love hack has brought me to the conclusion that I need to do a 30 day dance challenge. Building up a positive habit means I’ll be less likely to forget about my happiness-inducing options when I’m in the middle of another fear-worry-shame spiral.


So for the next 30 days, all I have to do is dance. In my apartment (on one notable day even in the bathroom stall at school) – no worries, no cares, no thinking. Just being. I’ve got a YouTube playlist, and according to one ballroom dancing teacher, a good sense of my vertical center, whatever the heck that means. But all I really need to do is this:


– dance every day for 30 days

– minimum 5 minutes per day

– It absolutely does not matter what kind of dance it is, how good it looks, or whether or not anyone is watching.


I’ve always wanted my life to be more like an old-time musical, the kind where people just bust out in song in dance in the middle of the street, and bystanders, rather than looking afraid of a mentally unbalanced individual, join in with a perfectly choreographed dance too. We’re not there yet, but perhaps if I start dancing whenever I feel like it, usually in my kitchen but sometimes on my walk home or out in a park, just maaaaaybe someday I’ll meet some Jets, engage in public protest Newsie style, and tap dance my way onto a cargo ship to meet the adventure of a lifetime. (No kidnapping necessary).


Cue the Jamiroquai.