Green Tip #19: Stop that Junk!

Sadly, all the junk in my life is not in my trunk, but in my mailbox. BUT there are two solutions I can take to resolve this problem – more squats and taking a few minutes to declutter my mailbox and save some paper. I’ll be talking about the latter in today’s Green Tip.

I came home today to yet another junky advertisement that was either trying to sell me some “prime real estate” or advertise a new restaurant that I will not be visiting. My Japanese is just getting good enough that I can tell the difference between beachfront pyramid scans or fake Chinese food. Either way, as I deposited the offending morsel with a mixture of disdain and sadness for the paper wasted creating it and the energy wasted recycling it, I thought with a flash of relief that I could at least make a good Green Tip out of it.

So how do you put the junk where it belongs?

1. Put yourself on the list for stopping Unsolicited Mail, including those credit card offers that hand-delivered, homemade paleo crackers, a personal chauffeur and a TMNT birthday party (all things I wished for today). It also stops unsolicited email and phone calls, hooray!

Now, even though I’ve told silly World Wildlife Fund that, much as I love the saving of fuzzy and non-fuzzy creatures alike, why do I still get paper mail when I’ve asked to be an electronic member more than three times?!

2. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. TreeHugger has 7 different ways to reduce junk mail, including how much junk mail affects climate change. Some highlights:

Junk mails carbon impact equivocates to “Nine million cars, seven U.S. states combined, or the emissions generated by heating nearly 13 million homes for the winter”

41 pounds is the “the accrued weight of all the junk mail the average adult receives each year”

Be “wary of product warranty cards (the ones that don’t require a proof of purchase or receipt)”

I really was impressed with the preventative tips in this article, giving you a less cluttered inbox but also protecting your personal information from being too widespread and therefore vulnerable to identity theft. Curb junk mail, thwart identity theft – look at you, you carbon-busting, crime-fighting whole foods superhero! Pretty soon deer will be doing your laundry and birds will be making your bed, and you’ll have 7 little men mining diamonds for you (sustainably), of course.

3. Fold origami from your junk mail. I’m serious – there is a book about it.

Ok that wraps it up for the Green Tip – but indulge me for a moment so I can tell you how awesome this 30 Day Dance Challenge is (which got me mentioned on Paleo for Women, of course slingshotting me over the moon since I’m such a fangirl of Stephani Ruper)! Today I went a little crazy and my stomach hurts from dancing so much! Hopefully my happiness from dancing outweighs any digestive distress I caused from all my violent flopping whirling dervishing before dinner. It wasn’t pretty, folks, but it was fun!

Have a great week!!!