The WFL Step 7: Update

I’m really enjoying the chance to share ridiculous photos in my WFL updates.

bring it on

I woke up at 3am today, so this post is going to be ALL over the place.

I followed many diets and ways of eating for several years, and I always had the feeling that I was either “on the wagon” or “off the wagon”. I had a ton of self-discipline or I had none at all.

I asked myself, what was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I have more consistency? What was my deep personal flaw that I would always struggle and fight and battle against obstacles and worries and food?

Addressing your emotions is crucial to feeling your physical and psychological best.

21 emotions w: no english equivalent

Well. There was a whole lot of repressed emotions happening there, and so I had to address emotional cravings before I could really deal with food choices. One constant through all these years, no matter what I’m eating or doing, is that if I ignore or repress emotions – I gain weight. Addressing your emotions is crucial to feeling your physical and psychological best! It took about a year to learn how to deal with anxiety and fix my sleep, relax into trusting myself and my body, and figure out how to navigate the paleo/ancestral health movement with my own unique style and eating plan. Most of the time my food choices were pretty good, but I would have flare ups of stress eating, overeating, and eating for emotion rather than nourishment.

So there is no deep personal flaw in us. I was just neglecting a major major part of healing – my emotional side. I like the idea of Chinese medicine that emotions and physiology are not separate but inextricably linked. Of course eating foods that worked for me and avoiding foods that didn’t work for me gave me a great base to improve my health. But I had to quit fighting against myself.

Before, doing a 60 day autoimmune paleo, elimination diet reset + 21 day sugar detox AND GAPS protocol would have had me FREAKING>OUT.  I would have been a tense emotional wreck. But now that I know how to trust my own body and my own intuitive wisdom – it has been easy to fall into this way of healing. When we say “fall into” something or “fall asleep”, I associate it with a process of letting go and not trying so hard or releasing the urge to have resistance – to anything. I’ve had so much natural motivation that I haven’t built any obstacles up to doing this – either psychological or physical. I haven’t had any weird eating habits or feelings of deprivation.

So that’s how I can wake up at 3am and roll with the punches. Last January, if I woke up at 3am, I was in the fetal position rocking myself next to the heater at school by midafternoon. Instead I’m now writing the goofiest blog posts to date. I’ve had an enthusiasm for today that’s sustained my flagging physical fatigue. And I’m still dancin! The 30 day dance challenge is over, but I’ll be dancing for at least 5 minutes every morning to get my day started off RIGHT.

OH. And I wanted to announce my next 30 day challenge – 5 minutes of standing meditation every day. Guided meditations are one of the best things I’ve introduced into my life, and I’m looking forward to the results of this 30 day challenge. More like exploration. Aaaaand it’s time for a nap.

Bring it on.