Green Tip #20: Simple Clean

Nothing is more satisfying than the easy, one-two bunch of homemade cleaners. Sustainable, safe, and effective, I don’t have to worry about recycling tons of plastic bottles or harming humans, animals, or earth with chemicals. I clean my entire apartment with baking soda, vinegar, lemons, essential oils, hydrogen peroxide, and sometimes (intentionally or otherwise): tea. Once in a while I will utilize grapefruit or citrus peels and salt too.

This fabulous all-purpose cleaner has worked on the most stubborn area of my home: the toilet. (Duhn duh duhnnnnn).

And the cleaning lady used baking soda & vinegar.

And the cleaning lady used baking soda & vinegar.

I have a Pinterest board called “Simple Living” as well as “Make Your Own”, where I keep track of all kinds of fabulous homemade cleaners. I’m not what you would call a cleaning fanatic, so if I can get my lazybones to throw together some baking soda & vinegar, it will be a snap for anyone else!

4 Simple Ingredients to Replace ALL Your Cleaners!   – Check this out for odor deodorizer, toilet bowl cleaner, and all purpose cleaner recipes!

For an extra boost in my toilet room, I used grapefruit-infused vinegar for a fresh smell.

And now I have a throne fit for a Queen. (I did get a comment that I looked regal in these photos – though I’m not on a toilet in any of them!!! Though I did spend a good 7 minutes googling “toilet cleaning memes” for this post)