Meditation Wrap Up & June Challenge


That’s my sentiment right now, regarding challenges. Positive challenges are the best thing I’ve decided to do. Adding good into my life makes change so much better. Dancing makes me happy. Meditation makes me mindful. And we’ll see what happens to my mitochondria after July 5th…

Today it’s a wrap on my 30 Day Meditation Challenge. The benefits have been enormous, but it has been a bit more challenging then I expected. About 3/4 of the way in I experienced some resistance to exploring my thoughts and emotions through meditation. It was a bit like a detox – I stirred up a bunch of feelings that were tough to work through, and things got a little worse before they got better. But I’ve cleared the air and made my peace with it, and the last half of this week I was looking forward to meditating again. I think I’ll go back to guided meditations for now, to soothe my frazzled soul a bit, but I do have more challenges to come back to when I’m ready for deeper and more intense self-exploration.
A few awesome things that came out of this challenge
- focusing more and more on mindfulness
- deciding that I would focus on less thinking and more intention in my life
- waking up at 5:30 to meditate! I’m a morning person, so it s a great way to start my day.
- meditating, reflecting, or journaling as part of my bedtime routine
- making the mundane a meditation, or practice of mindfulness: opening doors, sitting down, chores I didn’t want to do – everything became an opportunity to practice meditation.
- kanji practice is a form of written meditation for me. I often have resistance to it, for the task seems daunting, but once I put my focus into it, the meditation flows from my fingertips!
- lifting weights helps me clear my head, get in a better mood, and cultivate a mindset for meditation (plus knocks me out for a good night’s sleep!)
And the challenge for June is…………….The Terry Wahls Challenge!!!!
I recently listened to an interview with Terry Wahls about her upcoming book, and then I rewatched her Tedx talk on Minding Your Mitochondria. If you live under a vegetation-less rock – Terry Wahls got herself out of a wheelchair and put her MS into “remission” by veggie-loading in place of eating grains. She follows a Paleo-style diet now, but really emphasizes micronutrient sufficiency. As Chris Kresser said, American society is overfed but still malnourished, because both our food and soils have been depleted of micronutrients by the industrial “food” industry.
Dr. Wahls recommends eating 9 cups of veggies per day. 9 cups! My staple diet is meat & veg, but I’m not sure if I’m getting 9 cups every day. The breakdown is:
- 3 cups of leafy greens
- 3 cups of sulfurous veggies
- 3 cups of colorful veggies, including berries
I’m not sure if I can physically eat that much food, but here is my game plan!
- 2 cups of cooked greens at breakfast
- 1 cup of colorful, raw veggies at breakfast
- 1 cup of leafy greens in my daily salad at lunch
- 1 cup of raw veggies in my daily salad
- 2 cups of roasted veggies with dinner – I’ve been on a huge carrot & onion kick
or 2 cups sauteed cabbage at dinner
- 1 cup of raw veggies as a snack or a green smoothie
- making herb vinaigrettes to pour over salads – herbs are a great source of nutrition
- eating fermented veggies
I’m struggling with ideas for colorful veggies, since many are off limits right now as I’m on an elimination diet. What kinds of non-nightshade colorful veggies are there? What do you do to get enough veg in your life?
Ok, I’m off to chow some cabbage, carrots, and onions for dinner. Wish me luck this month!