Leftover Wednesdays: Prosciutto Bacon Jam & Paleo for Women Guest Post!

Two things to give you a rocking Wednesday: a post about womanhood, realizing I’m not broken, and living with chronic conditions over at Paleo for Women. And Bacon Jam, upgraded. And a welcome for new visitors below. Read on!

Guys. Seriously. Today, I am over the freakin’ moon because I’ve got a guest post on one of my all time favorite blogs: Paleo for Women. Stefani is awesome and through her work, she has helped me transform the relationship I have with my body. I don’t talk about PCOS much on my  blog, but I have it and it’s troublesome. Stefani helps me to cope with it, and I’ve got a post today over at Paleo for Women about my emotionally-broken uterus. I realized I didn’t feel like enough of a woman because of PCOS, and how that affected my emotions and ability to self-heal. It’s a post about coping with feeling broken & (yet again) the emotional side of healing.

Bacon Mousse

If you’re not interested in uteruses (uteri?), which you should be because everyone has to deal with one in some way or another, I’ve still got some bacon jam for you. Except I made it better. I added prosciutto!!! Probably my all-time favorite pork products (I’ve got a lot of all-time favorites today). I swapped out half of the bacon for prosciutto and used half broth/half coconut milk for a richer combo. And, just for kicks, I blended it all with chicken livers and leftover roast beef to create the best pate ever: salty, creamy, and not one bit liver-y. Why I never thought of bacon mousse before this is beyond me.

If you’ve come on over from PfW, welcome! I am super thrilled to have you here because I already know you are awesome since you read Stefani’s blog. I’ve got recipes, a Whole Foods Ladder, posts on self-love, emotional eating, eco-friendly lifestyle tips, and some other seriousness and silliness. Lately I’ve been getting into POSITIVE 30 day challenges, like not spending money, dancing, meditating, and eating 9 cups of vegetables a day

Bacon "Pate"

But what I would like to do most is give you a GIANT bear hug, because they are wonderful, but instead I’ll wish you a happy day full of hugs & joy instead. And bacon jam.