Green Tip #22: The No (Sham)poo Method

This is quite possibly the worst name for the best thing to happen to my hair care. No Poo means no shampoo, because many of us have enough problems with constipation, which I am not encouraging.
Using baking soda & vinegar is a dirt cheap way to renovate your hair care, leaving your wallet full, your hair smooth & shiny, and excess toxins and plastic containers out of our environment.
The transition over to no poo takes a little bit of time, and I had to do some experimenting to find what amount of baking soda & vinegar worked for me. I used to have really long hair, so I was using waaaay too much baking soda & vinegar for the amount I have now, so my hair was stiff and greasy. Once Liz sent out her troubleshooting guide with the Skintervention blog, I was able to figure out the perfect ratio for me. I also love adding lavendar essential oil to my ACV to make things smell a little nicer.
When I first started out, I would alternate between no poo and my gluten-free, “clean” shampoo and conditioner. I use about 1/2 tsp of baking soda and 1 tsp of ACV for my very short, wavy hair. Yesterday I added a bit too much baking soda so my hair was a little stiff, but since I am down to washing my hair 2 days a week it softens and curls over the next few days. Just so I don’t freak you out – I shower every day (almost), but I don’t use any product in my hair 5 days a week. One year ago I was washing my hair every other day with regular shampoo & conditioner, and I slowly cut it down as washing my hair so much was actually damaging it. Just take it slow and see what works for you!
Here is the method for no poo!
Here is the trouble shooting guide for making no poo work for you.
I love no poo because it falls in line with my main goal for beauty care – don’t put anything on my body that I wouldn’t put in my mouth. Essential oils are an exception, but they are still ok for skin food in my book. Also, I save about $40-50 each month or so by not buying my expensive old brand of shampoo. The best part for me is, I don’t have to trouble myself over recycling the plastic bottles, which can be difficult if they aren’t #1 or #2 plastics (especially in Japan). Reducing requires so much less energy than recycling, after all!

If you’ve tried no poo, you’ve tried the trouble shooting methods (boiling my baking soda & water mixture is key for me), and still don’t have the results you want, Primal Life Organics is an amazing company with great, truly safe products.