One Minute Recipes: Strawberry Coconut Freeze

Simple food is best. I think one of the biggest impediments to eating real, whole foods is that people are afraid of the kitchen & cooking. Sometimes I eat things that I want to share with you, but then feel silly because they are too simple to call a “recipe”. But since I’m really into helping people learn to cook, especially my twentysomething single friends, and who doesn’t love a fast, easy recipe – I’m starting a new quick little shindig series: One Minute Recipes!

Strawberry Coconut Freeze

To be clear, this recipe takes 1 minute of prep and about 10 minutes of waiting. But it’s all easy peasy – ready faster than you can say Zip Zop Ba Deep a bop :)

I tried to zip zop

Strawberry Coconut Freeze

Semi frozen berries and smooth, melty coconut butter combine for a blissfully easy frozen treat. If you have no AC, then your coconut butter will already be at an easy, spreadable consistency. If not, simply place the jar in a saucepot with warm water, heat for a minute or two, and stir until it reaches a desired consistency. 

handful of frozen strawberries

1 T of coconut butter

Place strawberries into a bowl. Allow to partially thaw for about 10 minutes (my kitchen is currently averaging 94 degrees, so this doesn’t take too long. I like my frozenness somewhere less than dog chewing ice cube and more than completely thawed). When berries reach a texture of your liking, drizzle coconut butter over the top. Enjoy.

cooking what the hell


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