One Minute Recipes: Real Food Pink Lemonade

Tart sweet summer fun. Lip-puckering, thirst-quenching, pretty-colored lemonade – all the relaxed, flavorful, fun feelings of summer swirled up in a bright hue of whole foods ingredients.

One minute of prep, a few more for waiting, but it’s all easy.


You may want to add sweetener to this, but I find that the tea has a natural sweetness which is satisfying for me. This coming from the girl who often just takes a bite out of lemons, so you choose what is best for you.

Real Food Pink Lemonade

2 t Hibiscus Berry tea

32 oz / 1 liter of water (actually it is .94 liters, if you are precise)

juice of 1 lemon

raw honey for sweetening, optional

Boil water and pour over tea leaves in a glass jar large enough to accommodate the liquid. Steep for 5-7 minutes and then add lemon juice. Strain, add honey if using, allow to cool, and enjoy at room temperature or chill to your liking. To serve immediately, steep for 10+ minutes and then pour over a glass full of ice (be careful that you don’t crack a thin glass with the change in temperature).

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pink lemonade overhead