Green Tip #24: Plants!

Ever since my friend the Holistic Health Nerd wrote this amazing post, I’ve had houseplants on the brain.


I have what you would call a black thumb. Even cacti have failed under my erratic and inconsistent watering habits. But the incredible benefits of living with something green outweigh my fears of yet another yellowed, decaying, sad plant carcass.

Since I have added more house plants into my life, I have noticed cleaner air, better mood, and over all great feeling of well-being. Maybe a little sense of pride at my new watering schedule, which means I monitor or water the plants on the same days each week. But there are 10 scintillating benefits to houseplants in Sama’s post, so please check it out.

a benjamin

I think we can cultivate a deeper reverence for nature if we start by bringing a little of it into our homes. I like the sweeping curves of the philedendron, the ease of jade plants, and the spiky attitude of this guy. Now if only I could find a way to have lilacs 24/7 in my apartment. Life would be more than complete…sigh. More plant recs here!


What is your favorite house plant? and how do you keep them alive???

(Fingers crossed. Three weeks and counting, and the new additions are still alive. The jade has been thriving for about a year…his name is Hugo StrongLeaf).

hugo and the gang