August Donations

What we buy, or where we put our money, creates the world we live in. This is a principle I live by, and why I strive to always find products that are produced in a way that is kindest to my body and the environment. I also make it a principle to donate 5% of my income – and when these two things combine (shopping & helping others) I am a hugely happy camper.

This month’s donations/shopping with a cause includes:

A donation to Betasab, an organization working to educate and create community in Ethiopia, as a wedding present for my friends.

The purchase of a gorgeous anchor bracelet for my friend’s birthday, part of the proceeds which go to Sevenly, a group that sells products to support a rotating number of causes.

$10 to this Kickstarter project.

Donation to Oceana. I was rewarded with and also the good news that the decision on seismic air gun testing has been delayed yet again. If you love shark week, you should watch this video.

Monthly recurring donations to Wisconsin Public Radio and Partners in Health.

Remember that you don’t have to make directed donations in order to have an impact. The world’s tiniest porpoise is getting a helping hand because of fishing practices that reduce the amount of bycatch. If we buy sustainable seafood, not only do we have great nutrition in our belly, but countless species of animals in the ocean benefit from safer fishing practices.

As for September, I’ve got my sights set on donating to charity:water, a project to help returning veterans, and since it is the beginning of school in the US, something to help children in need of a better education. Oh and a donation to help eradicate extreme poverty on Native American reservations.

Donating makes me feel so grateful for all the beauty in my life, and all the non-material things we share as people – laughter, love, play, joy, and connection. I’m incredibly appreciative of all those who work to help others, in any way – big or small. I hope you find the true gift in helping others too.

What causes do you love to support? How does helping others make you feel good? Please share!

Hugs to you all,