One Minute Recipes: Prosciutto Olive Cukettes

One of my favorite snacks on the go is a slice of prosciutto wrapped around a cucumber. I find Japanese cucumbers to be the best, because of their small seeds, but an English, Persian, or regular old fat American cucumber will work just fine. I just eat the scooped-out seeds, but my Grandpa used to call me a garbage disposal, so maybe that isn’t your thing.

I’m also on a big olive kick, finally finding a brand that doesn’t overwhelm me with salt and make me feel like I’m inhaling the Dead Sea. Last night a happy combination occurred when I had all three at my disposal. I thought of it as a grown up sort of ants on a log. I never like those stringy celery fibers much anyway. Cukes to the rescue.

olive cukettes overhead

1 cucumber, cut in half lengthwise

3-4 slices of prosciutto or Jamon Serrano

6-10 olives, cut in half lengthwise

Using a spoon, scoop out the cucumber seeds. Take the leftover seeds and eat, compost, or combine in smoothie per your preference. Place the olive halves, cut side down, into the small channel of the cucumber. Cut the prosciutto in half, lengthwise, and lay over the olives. Cut into bite size pieces, or if you’re feeling rustic, as I usually am, just wrap the whole thing in prosicutto and chow down.

It’s a dreamy sort of nom-ing, I can tell you. Also, what did I say before I learned the “word” nom?

Happy weekend!


prosciutto cukettes