Green Tip #26: Small Things with Great Love

After reading Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Love, I’ve been studying A Course in Miracles. Part of the power behind these two works is their emphasis on staying in the present – not being stuck in the past or trapped by anxiety over the future. Living in the present moment is something that usually escapes me, but I’ve been applying myself to conscious awareness of the moment that exists right in front of me.

person to person

And so when I walk home from school and pass a piece of litter, or my ego pulls me toward some method of convenience rather than the way that I know is right – I think about today. I think about today only. 

We’re not going to switch from fossil fuels to clean energy overnight, but we are going to get there much faster and smoother if we start thinking about what we can do for our health right now rather than “tomorrow” or “later”. And I say our health, not our environment, because this is not an environmental crisis. It is a humanitarian crisis. For our own mental, physical, and emotional health, we need to reconnect with the gifts of nature all around us.

So what can you do today? What can you do right now? What amazing power do you have to unleash to heal the world?

You can bring your own bottled drink instead of buying some plastic bottle from the convenience store.

Perhaps you want to look into buying something second-hand rather than going for something new?

I KNOW you want to be super cool and trendy and bring your own reusable bag EVERYWHERE! :)

What about walking 10, 20, or even 30 minutes for an errand instead of using your car? Or biking to work?

You could buy some delicious sustainable seafood for dinner, in order to keep our oceans healthy & abundant.

Clean your home naturally!

Read these Green Tips, choose one you like best, and then share with friends!

You’d be an even bigger hero than Captain Planet.

So, what can you do today?

And if you think it isn’t worth or it doesn’t matter, let my very wise friend set your priorities straight: