One Minute Recipes: Ockham’s Guac

With quality ingredients, simple food is pure magic. I was scrounging for breakfast one day and I had ripe avocados, pink salt, and lime. That’s all you need for a good guacamole.

ockhams guac

Ockham’s Guacamole

2 medium avocadoes, ripe

pink sea salt, to taste

juice of half a lime

Take out the avocado pits, scoop out the flesh, and mash with a potato masher or other equally fun tool of mashination. Add pink salt and lime and mix with a fork. If you want to get fancy, finely mince a 1/4 of cup of onion and mix in. My sister prefers Vidalia, and I like red onion.

Serve with chicken, carrot or cucumber sticks, or any other food that needs a good douse of creamy. delicious sauce.

How does one say Bon Appetit in Mexico?