Good Eats: Enoshima Edition

It took a recycled iPhone and an inspiring visit from my brother to get this post going. I can now share with you all the crazy stuff I eat in Japan. And I eat some weird food. It’s fantastic! I’ve discovered my inner adventurous eater, and its’ super exciting!

I’m going to throw in a few travel pics as well – enjoy!

Joe wanted to try as much sushi as possible. We went to two kaiten-zushi (revolving sushi) restaurants. The angler fish liver was my favorite new sushi, but engawa is always my old favorite. And anything blow-torched (aburi).

SIngle Serving Sushi

We like to eat out at sushi restaurants and also yaki-niku, because we can grill our own meat and vegetables and do it without sauces or crazy condiments. On Enoshima Island, we sat on the terrace of a restaurant with an incredible view:

Best Restaurant View Yaki niku


I don’t really like the above picture of me, which is exactly why I am posting it here. Part of my self-love exercises.

But I DO like, in fact love, a really good salad, and this one was the best I’ve had at any yaki-niku restaurant. It was full of chirashi, a tiny fish that was a local specialty of Kanagawa Prefecture.

Chirashi salad


And my favorite – squid legs! Ika geso. Give them a try if you have the chance. If cooked well, they are chewy but not rubbery, with a light crunch. Plus you get to do this:

squid face


Finally, to totally gross out any of you who were not already, I became food for some tiny fish. Dr. Fish is a popular spa treatment where tiny fish, originally from Turkey, eat all the dead skin off your feet. Apparently in Turkey you can do your entire body, but I need to work on my non-wiggling in order not to squash any fish. I usually flap my arms like a deranged turkey for the first 5 minutes of this as I adjust to the tiny tickling sensation all over my feet.


Also, please note the best sandal tan EVER.

I could post a bajillion more photos, but I just remembered I have a Japan album on the Eat, Recycle, Repeat facebook page. I’ll upload some more adventures there! Til then, have a beautiful Tuesday: