The who:

My name is Kate. My favorite food is Japanese sweet potatoes. I have an eccentric list of things I want to do to celebrate my life. My favorite kind of shopping is food shopping or buying sustainable, second-hand, or fair trade goods (usually kitchen related). I’m originally from Sherwood, Wisconsin, but I’ve lived in Boston, Dublin, Geneva, and now a little agricultural corner in Chiba, Japan. It is certainly interesting to eat a primal diet in a foreign country, but it is challenging, perspective-altering, and a fun way to grow. I put a lot of my time into preparing and eating great, nourishing food, but there are other areas of my life that need nourishment and stimulation as well:

Happiness: I celebrate it each day, always trying to find the bright side or what lessons can be learned from experiences that may be less than ideal. I believe in making the most of every moment gifted to us.

Community: In the outside world, I love to get out and volunteer and experience all that the surrounding area has to offer. In the internet world, I love connecting with others with shared values and beliefs, and exploring differing takes and opinions as well.

Emotional well-being: I practice self-love, forgiveness, yoga & meditation, prioritize my relationships with myself, friends, and family, and eat foods that support overall well-being.

Adventure: Since I live in Japan, I get to travel to some unfamiliar destinations, exploring a strange new backyard, and connect with new people. The crazy thing is, I’m kind of a homebody, instinctively, but I always experience a total thrill when I transcend my fear and  go out to experience something new.

Using fear to grow: closely related to all of the above, I try new things I have no natural talent for – like photography, HTML coding and other technical things that turn me into a noodle-brain, fixing anything, and the Japanese writing system. Whatever scares me the most? I do it, whether that be getting over my embarrassment of speaking foreign languages or sharing personal stories all over the internet.

I routinely share my mistakes and failings, inside & outside the kitchen, to document my growth & progress, laugh a little at myself, and show how you can make the most out of every opportunity, good or bad, because each moment of life is gifted to us. What we do in the moments defines our lifetime.

The what: What the heck is all this eating and recycling about anyway?

We all can benefit from whole foods because we all have some sort of healing we need to do – be it physical or psychological. Modern day society has us so stressed out and conditioned to bury our feelings that we fail to recognize what eating fake foods has done to our health and happiness. Technology, at least in the food production world, has gotten too far ahead of itself. In rapidly changing methods of food production and our  lifestyles, we now face an epidemic of food allergies, sugar and caffeine addiction, adrenal exhaustion, thyroid disorders, diabetes, and other diseases plaguing modern society.We also live in a culture of shame, at least in the U.S., where we are conditioned to bury our emotion and taught that living in isolated independence, not bothering anyone with or speaking of our problems, is virtuous. You can learn more about this from the extremely inspirational Brené Brown, but know that shame is associated with eating disorders, depression, addiction….all issues that can relate to food and a healthy body image for some of us. We can’t heal our bodies without first addressing our relationship with ourselves. So I want us to ditch the conventional wisdom, broken food system,  burying our emotions, and abuse of our environment – all relationships that are critical to our personal health. I want to use my experiences to show people that whole foods is the natural, beautiful foundation to achieve holistic health. Complete health is important to us all because it gives us the energy and spirit to find what makes us come alive. Being truly alive, aware of how beautiful, vulnerable, scary, heartwrenching, and awe-inspiring the whole world is in every moment, is how we find happiness. And I think we all deserve that.

The why: Connect. Inspire. Eat.

Running this site is what makes me come alive. By building a community, I can achieve my vision of helping people to connect with themselves, each other, and the environment. I want to inspire happiness and the celebration of life, every day.It’s a way to live through my values and beliefs, some of which are:
  • the importance of community
  • natural living through ancestral principles and holistic health
  • fostering a sustainable relationship with the planet
  • sharing nourishing food and the creativity & connection that comes in preparing it
  • finding self-wisdom: re-establishing trust and a loving relationship with ourself and using it as a drive to heal, transcend fears, grow, and experience & celebrate life

This site is not about me, on top of all-knowing mountain, preaching down to you from some privileged blogger pedestal. This is about us, a community, sharing our experiences and supporting each other in the search for health, happiness, and the best way to eat & celebrate life.



  1. Adrienne @ Whole New Mom August 25, 2012 at 3:43 am

    Hi there! Just found your delectable Sweet Potato Truffles and shared on my fan page. Yum!! I used to live in Japan – in Hokkaido. So nice to meet you and hope to stay in touch.

    • Kate August 25, 2012 at 8:00 am

      Oh wow, that is so cool! I went to Sapporo for Yuki Matsuri in February. Where did you live? I love your site too – especially the post a few months ago on almonds. Thanks for visiting and looking forward to keeping in touch! Have a great day

  2. Steph March 6, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    ohmygosh these look divine? What a great idea! x

  3. Anne September 1, 2013 at 6:44 am

    Oh my goodness – stumbled across your guest post on Paleo Parents (sweet taters skins) & wanted to see more of what you have. Let’s say sweet potato truffles – YES! And, how awesome you’re from the land of cheese heads just like me! I’ll be mixing up both of these recipes for the Packer’s season opener for sure! :)


    Be well. Be happy.

    • Kate September 1, 2013 at 9:27 am

      Anne! Thank you. You just made my day! And GO PACK!!!

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